Regarding Reviews

If you're curious, I can tell you: I am, in fact, willing to do reviews and sponsored posts. I think that if you have a great product, site, service, [insert thing I might advertise or review here], then people should know! I like making dreams come true. I'm like a genie that way.
Please be aware that all reviews and advertisements will be candid and true. If I like something, I'll sing its praises for a good long while because I'm overenthusiastic and like to do that. If I don't like something, I will be sure to bring it up. I want my readers to get the best information that they can get, and I'd like to give the best information that I can.
Furthermore, it is very important to me that I craft the content on my own. I don't mind working from a template, but I do like to write things myself. Call it a quirk, but I find it important.
So, the point I'm making: I am welcome to reviews and sponsored posts, but all content will be original and honest.
If that hasn't scared you away (and I hope it hasn't!), please feel free to email me at and don't worry, I promise to be nice (and maybe a little enthusiastic).