Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretty Simple

It's Marvelous Monday again, guys! It's also my first at the university, so that's pretty rad as well. Though I was a bit too cowardly to go beyond the hallway; I did have to tell my roommate was going on, vaguely. So there's that. Eventually, I'll venture onto the beautiful campus.
Let's hope.
Anyway, today I just had a couple of classes, which was pretty nice. I like my chemistry teacher well enough, but my history teacher is fantastic! I'm going to like this semester, I think.
This week's theme: minimalism!
To me, minimalism is just simplicity. Clean lines, simple colour palettes, very few accessories, stuff like that. I went for a monochromatic outfit with a pop of colour (purple lipstick you can barely see in the photo, just how I like it), and a splash of weird.
What better way to introduce myself to strangers than in  my eye shoes? Now all I'm missing is my heart sweater...

Tee: Lane Bryant | Skirt: mom | Tights: WalMart | Shoes: DIY
Now, let's go see how the others did simplicity!


  1. Oh good luck with the semester, I hope you have a great semester! But yeah I think you did a great minimal look that is very simple and I love the added shoes, they are so much fun! :)


    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to it. :)
      I actually dress pretty simply more often than not, but rarely in such a sort of put-together way. And thanks, I love these shoes to death!

  2. spiced up simplicity it is - love your sneaks so much: if I was creative enough I was gonna DIY them to copy yours - good luck with your studies - if you continue bein that positive definately your semester will be full of fun :)

    1. Thanks! They're my absolute faves. My eye design isn't original at all (I actually got it from The Clothes Horse), but it was fun all the same. I need more shoes to draw on! Haha.
      And after going to most of my classes, I'm very enthusiastic, so I think it'll go well. Thanks again! :)

  3. You're at uni already! That's exciting, hope you're having a rad time. I love your sneakers so much, your whole minimal outfit is awesome. :)

    1. I am, and I definitely enjoy it so far! :D
      And thank you, it was definitely a day that called for eye shoes. Though, let's be honest here: EVERY day calls for eye shoes.