Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Kind of Party

I'll be the first to admit that the best kind of party is a pizza party. The second best is definitely a pattern party. This is one of those combinations that would make my mom shake her head and call me absurd or something, and let me tell you, it's one of those combinations that I'm kind of really fond of. It's both girly and gentlemanly, and it's a little ridiculous. And we all know that I like the ridiculous. I mean, look at the title of this blog!
I know I'm getting really out of practice with the ways of the OOTD, to the point where I am honestly having a bit of trouble figuring out cute, new outfits with all of my existing stuff. So bear with me as I sort of feel my way back into something like regular blogging, okay? I'm trying, guys, I promise.

Sweater: Forever 21 | Dress: eShakti | Shoes: Marshall's | Sunglasses, errings: Claire's
And, yes, I'm still trying to get used to using a tripod. It's a work in progress. That's a thing. Also, I've just noticed what out cats have done to the screen of that window. Pests.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saddle Shoes of Death

So it turns out that I'm really bad at posting every day. Or regularly at all. These are things we all learn.
I finally went out and took pictures, though, which I count as a victory. There were people down the street, and they could see me taking pictures of myself with my tripod and everything. But I persevered.
It's a little silly that I haven't taken a picture of this outfit yet, considering how often I wear it and how much I like it. But then, I haven't taken many pictures of outfits at all in the past few months. Sorry about that. I am still on various places on the internet, though! It's amazing how much time a person can spend sleeping, or knitting, or playing Portal. I am perpetually amazed.
How has your year been so far?

Please, someome tell my hair to stop doing what it's doing and
just cooperate.

Top, shoes: Forever 21 | Dress: Old Navy (courtesy of Dani) | Tights: WalMart | Earrings: Sedona | Sunglasses:
And I am so, so, so behind on all of my bog reading. I know how I'm gonna spend the next week! I miss you all dearly, and I need to actually stay caught up on stuff.