Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michael Meyers is Running!

Tonight was the Boolvd. It's this giant carnival on the boulevard here, with (as I'm sure you've noticed) a decidedly Halloween-like spin. Casey and I went (as a Crow Eater and witch, respectively), and brought my niece and her friend (a faerie and The Riddler, respectively) in tow.
We got papusas (except for casey, who had a cow tongue taco) for dinner before really adventuring. After that, though, we wandered down the Boolvd for a bit, watched a Ghostbusters themed dance, and raged at all the people dressed as Slender Man (well, no, just me. Because I am terrible at that game and he's so dumb and I keep dying and I just want to win!).
Then we went through the haunted house in the old Western Hotel. That was a lot of fun, especially since the girls were so scared. Immediately after that, we went through a family-friendly haunted house. It was more cutesy than scary, but fun nonetheless.
Then came the desserts, and then we came home.
All in all, it was a night well spent.
Now I'm off to watch cheesy 1950s horror films.
Man, I love Halloween.
My niece, the most charming faerie.

It's too bad I didn't get a good shot of the infamous platforms. 
They give her a good seven inches. Bare minimum.

Oh, you tough, huh?

Don't wanna come across us in a dark alley. No, sirree...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art, Culture, Car Crooners

I went to the Getty today for my drawing class. I have a really good group in that class, so some of us got together and carpooled there.
Let me make a long story very short: there was lots (lots) of singing in the car. We spent an hour in the cafe talking about Doctor Who (me) and My Little Pony (J and K) before we realized that we really had to see the exhibits specified by our art teacher. We looked at said exhibits. I fell desperately in love with a painting whose name I won't ever remember. I came within an inch of a Van Gogh, and probably died of happiness. I saw pages of a book written around 800 BCE. I took the train home and finished the single most depressing book I have ever read.
It's okay, though, because I heard an awesome cover of the Pokemon theme song.
Anyway, I'm off to drown myself in tea and sleep in the futile hopes that I'll stave this cold off. Ugh. I hope your night is/will be/has been better!
Lunch so expensive it demanded a photo.

Me and some strangers I hopped in a car with.
Just kidding.
Blouse: Torrid | Skirt: FashionBug | Tights: WalMart  | Shoes: 

Payless | Hairclip: Claire's | Necklaces: Claire's, DIY | Cuff: 
vintage | Bracelets: gift, Claire's

And I saw the ocean!

Name of my new favourite painting...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now With More Fire!

This weekend has been a fairly busy one! I spent Friday night at Casey's, where I learned how to extinguish a torch (not the best time to realize just how much you dislike fire), watched Casey play with fire, spent more time watching/quoting Archer than people should, and, you know, sleeping.
On Saturday, we went to breakfast with Erika. There was a brief exploration of a nearby Dollar Tree before dropping Casey off at the train station. After that, Erika and I went thrifting. It was the first time she'd ever gone, really, and she actually bought something! I also got a great black sweater and a tee-shirt for my upcoming costume.
I'm so excited for Halloween.
I also got five more books. Not a proud moment.
Today, I spent it at Erika's house, painting her nails, watching Sabrina (not the teenage witch), and teaching her a simple yoga sequence.
And that, folks, is my weekend in a fairly small nutshell.
This is called fleshing. It makes me cringe.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do You Tip Your Cops?

I know it seems like I spend all of my time at the mall.
You'd be right, if it wasn't for the classes and whatnot. I swear, I've spent more time at the mall in the past three weeks than is likely healthy.
Today, it was with Casey. It was a prolific spree. Shockingly, neither of us spent too much. That was nice.
At Red Robin today, they were doing this cool thing, called Tips for Cops. The cops worked as waitstaff, basically, and all tips went to the Special Olympics. They make pretty decent waiters, if I do say so myself.
I got a free sandwich, too, since it's my birthday month. That was nice, too.
I feel like it made up for this week. Well, no. That implies that my week was unpleasant. Really, the only unpleasant thing was taking five and a half hours to get home (so. many. buses.) and the train breaking down one stop away from my normal station. That one didn't go too badly, though, since I decided to just go home, and ended up spending the afternoon making/eating chicken noodle soup with Casey.
Regardless, I like buying new things.
And let me tell you, I did just that.
Absolutely flawless sunglasses. Even if they're painfully 

See, fezzes are cool!

Spinach-artichoke dip!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Epic Monopoly Piece Battles

Friday night, I was actually a cool kid. Leather jacket and all.
I spent Friday afternoon at the mall with Erika. She went to get a slight problem fixed with a shirt she bought last week, I ended up buying two more pairs of sunglasses.
I don't have a problem, I swear.
After wasting time with dinner (I made scrambled eggs for the first time, with sausage and cheese and garlic, and oh man, it was amazing) and whatnot, we went to It's a Grind. There was an open mic, and our friends were playing.
We lurked (well, I did—the jacket ensured it) for a bit outside, while a couple of high schoolers became virtual groupies of Noel's bass. Also, Erika played with Beyrin's guitar for a bit. Or something like that.
They played two songs, and honestly, they were fantastic. The band, Kingyo, is amazing. I'm continually impressed that I'm friends with such talented people. Everyone in the coffee shop enjoyed it, and Beyrin found some new fan(atics) of his own. Well, one fanatic. Who kind of sort of tried to hold his hand outside. I think he was one of the ones saying that he loved him during the second song. No one will ever know.
While Erika and Beyrin disappeared in the coffee shop for coffe (wild!), some of the high school kids got a little rowdy. When they got back, we joked about how we broke up the fight. But, of course, I am who I am, so I said that I actually started the fight (which didn't actually exist, for the record). Traba said that I had blood on my spikes, so I looked down and said that I thought that I'd cleaned them off.
This is what happens when I'm allowed to talk to people.
There were more kids lusting over Noel's bass, french fry piles at McDonald's, ketchup stains appearing magically on Edgar's shirt, and bromantic serenades from Traba to Beyrin before I finally went home.
Since when do I have a life?
As if to make up for it, I spent my Saturday doing art homework and getting caught up on TV. That's right.

Forever 21 Jacket and blouse.
Natural intimidation.

Terrible picture of fantastic music. Whoops.

Lust List: I Love October

October is the best month, in my own humble opinion. The weather starts to turn all beautiful and autumnal (it takes a while in California, at least), songs like "The Monster Mash" become socially acceptable, and I celebrate my birthday. Granted, the last two happen at the end of the month, but I end up spending the whole time in a state of constant excitement, like a five-year-old. I get to be excited about my birthday and Halloween at the same time!
Truth be told, as a kid, I was fully convinced that people were dressing up for my birthday. Was that just me, or did anyone else with a Halloween birthday do that?
Anyway, long story short, this list is quite extensive, since it doubles as fall inspiration (interesting platforms, spikes, fun prints, and saddle shoes) and a birthday wishlist.
I still do wishlists, okay?
I just like lists.