Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art, Culture, Car Crooners

I went to the Getty today for my drawing class. I have a really good group in that class, so some of us got together and carpooled there.
Let me make a long story very short: there was lots (lots) of singing in the car. We spent an hour in the cafe talking about Doctor Who (me) and My Little Pony (J and K) before we realized that we really had to see the exhibits specified by our art teacher. We looked at said exhibits. I fell desperately in love with a painting whose name I won't ever remember. I came within an inch of a Van Gogh, and probably died of happiness. I saw pages of a book written around 800 BCE. I took the train home and finished the single most depressing book I have ever read.
It's okay, though, because I heard an awesome cover of the Pokemon theme song.
Anyway, I'm off to drown myself in tea and sleep in the futile hopes that I'll stave this cold off. Ugh. I hope your night is/will be/has been better!
Lunch so expensive it demanded a photo.

Me and some strangers I hopped in a car with.
Just kidding.
Blouse: Torrid | Skirt: FashionBug | Tights: WalMart  | Shoes: 

Payless | Hairclip: Claire's | Necklaces: Claire's, DIY | Cuff: 
vintage | Bracelets: gift, Claire's

And I saw the ocean!

Name of my new favourite painting...

...and the painting itself.

Cool ceiling, okay?

Monet, Monet, Monet (Monet!)
The Portal of the Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light

No, but the bushwork in this Rouen Cathedral painting is
 amazing up close.

So my favourites of the day were boat paintings.
That's irrelevant.
Sunrise (Marine)

The Van Gogh. The one that I came so close to. I still can't handle
 life right now.

Beautiful Edvard Munch. Starry Night, if you're wondering.

So there are these carts full of umbrellas, right?
I don't fully know why.

Bizarrely pleased with how this turned out.

Waiting for the tram. Until next time, Getty!
If you're in southern California and you haven't been to the Getty museum, change that. If you have been, then go again. And make sure you look at the triptych by the illuminated manuscripts. Ecce Homo. Don't ask, just follow blindly.

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