Sunday, October 7, 2012

Epic Monopoly Piece Battles

Friday night, I was actually a cool kid. Leather jacket and all.
I spent Friday afternoon at the mall with Erika. She went to get a slight problem fixed with a shirt she bought last week, I ended up buying two more pairs of sunglasses.
I don't have a problem, I swear.
After wasting time with dinner (I made scrambled eggs for the first time, with sausage and cheese and garlic, and oh man, it was amazing) and whatnot, we went to It's a Grind. There was an open mic, and our friends were playing.
We lurked (well, I did—the jacket ensured it) for a bit outside, while a couple of high schoolers became virtual groupies of Noel's bass. Also, Erika played with Beyrin's guitar for a bit. Or something like that.
They played two songs, and honestly, they were fantastic. The band, Kingyo, is amazing. I'm continually impressed that I'm friends with such talented people. Everyone in the coffee shop enjoyed it, and Beyrin found some new fan(atics) of his own. Well, one fanatic. Who kind of sort of tried to hold his hand outside. I think he was one of the ones saying that he loved him during the second song. No one will ever know.
While Erika and Beyrin disappeared in the coffee shop for coffe (wild!), some of the high school kids got a little rowdy. When they got back, we joked about how we broke up the fight. But, of course, I am who I am, so I said that I actually started the fight (which didn't actually exist, for the record). Traba said that I had blood on my spikes, so I looked down and said that I thought that I'd cleaned them off.
This is what happens when I'm allowed to talk to people.
There were more kids lusting over Noel's bass, french fry piles at McDonald's, ketchup stains appearing magically on Edgar's shirt, and bromantic serenades from Traba to Beyrin before I finally went home.
Since when do I have a life?
As if to make up for it, I spent my Saturday doing art homework and getting caught up on TV. That's right.

Forever 21 Jacket and blouse.
Natural intimidation.

Terrible picture of fantastic music. Whoops.

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