Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now With More Fire!

This weekend has been a fairly busy one! I spent Friday night at Casey's, where I learned how to extinguish a torch (not the best time to realize just how much you dislike fire), watched Casey play with fire, spent more time watching/quoting Archer than people should, and, you know, sleeping.
On Saturday, we went to breakfast with Erika. There was a brief exploration of a nearby Dollar Tree before dropping Casey off at the train station. After that, Erika and I went thrifting. It was the first time she'd ever gone, really, and she actually bought something! I also got a great black sweater and a tee-shirt for my upcoming costume.
I'm so excited for Halloween.
I also got five more books. Not a proud moment.
Today, I spent it at Erika's house, painting her nails, watching Sabrina (not the teenage witch), and teaching her a simple yoga sequence.
And that, folks, is my weekend in a fairly small nutshell.
This is called fleshing. It makes me cringe.

Because I can't be friends with normal people.

Terrible shot of her eating fire.
Which also makes me cringe.

Because I love French toast.

Who let us into the Dollar Tree?

Her Christmas senses were tingling.

Tee: Old Navy | Skirt: Fashion Bug |Tights: Hue | Shoes: Forever 
21 | Bracelets: Claire's | Bag:
Mullberry X Target

Outside: promises.

Inside: lies.

My nails are the all-black ones.
That's a spiderweb on Erika's nail.
And look at all the eyes!


  1. omg! What is a dollar tree????

    Those fire twirling pics are awesome!! What rad friends you have!!

    1. Thank you! I have to agree, they are pretty rad, most of the time. Haha.
      Dollar Tree is a chain store, where everything's a dollar. They have a lot of good stuff, actually, like the Halloween things we were playing with. Haha.