Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lust List: I Love October

October is the best month, in my own humble opinion. The weather starts to turn all beautiful and autumnal (it takes a while in California, at least), songs like "The Monster Mash" become socially acceptable, and I celebrate my birthday. Granted, the last two happen at the end of the month, but I end up spending the whole time in a state of constant excitement, like a five-year-old. I get to be excited about my birthday and Halloween at the same time!
Truth be told, as a kid, I was fully convinced that people were dressing up for my birthday. Was that just me, or did anyone else with a Halloween birthday do that?
Anyway, long story short, this list is quite extensive, since it doubles as fall inspiration (interesting platforms, spikes, fun prints, and saddle shoes) and a birthday wishlist.
I still do wishlists, okay?
I just like lists.

  1.  Faux Leather Sleeve Blazer from eloquii — $89.40
  2. Striped Full Skirt from Domino Dollhouse—$49.99
  3. Skater Skirt with Belt from ASOS Curve—$52.77
  4. Black & Red Lana Blouse from Domino Dollhouse—$34.99
  5. Skater Dress in Shadow Print from ASOS Curve—$79.16
  6. Tree Print Blouse from Evans—$69.50
  7. Scallop Trim Skirt from eShakti—$38.95
  8. Tulle LBD Dress from eShakti—$55.95
  9. Big Cat Shirtdress from eShakti—$55.95
  10. Mesh Panel Tank Dress from Forever 21—$27.80
  1. Banana Belt Buckle (in white) from Domino Dollhouse—$16.98
  2. Bird Print Sweetheart Dress from ASOS Curve—$52.77
  3. Elephant Print Blouse from ASOS Curve—$61.57
  4. Leaf Print Shirtdress from ASOS Curve—$70.36
  5. Lavender Lana Blouse from Domino Dollhouse—$49.99
  6. Above, actually. This is why I should sleep more.
  7. Bird Flight Poplin Dress from eShakti—$55.95
  8. Red Hot Colorblock Dress from eShakti—$89.95
  9. Flutter Colorblock Dress from eloquii—$59.40
  10. Rainbow Readers Pullover from Forever 21—$19.80
  1. Hair Spikes with Hanging Chains from ASOS—$21.11
  2. Colored Opaque Tights from eloquii—$12
  3. Circle Interlock Skinny Belt from eloquii—$19.80
  4. Neon Skinny Belt from eloquii—$19.80
  5. Swiss Dot Tights from eloquii—$12
  6. Link and Plate Belt from ASOS Curve—$25.63
  7. Bug Buckle Belt from ASOS Curve—$26.39
  8. Horse Clutch from ASOS—$52.77
  9. Parlor Pretty Bag from ModCloth—$64.99
  10. Eyeball Backpack from ASOS—$96.75
  1. Bright on Your Feet Flats from ModCloth—$79.99
  2. Studded Hightop Sneakers from ASOS—$70.36
  3. Iridescent Flatforms from ASOS—$79.16
  4. Platform Creepers from ASOS—$61.57
  5. Saddle Up High Wedges from ModCloth—$152.99
  6. Photo Editor Flats from ModCloth—$34.99
  7. Reflecting Effect Flats from ModCloth—$62.99
  8. Bird Print Flatforms from ASOS—$79.16
  9. Who Could Be Saddle Shoes from ModCloth—$37.99
  10. Truth Be Fold Boots from ModCloth—$194.99
  1. An Ornate Fate Necklace from ModCloth—$21.99
  2. Going Up Necklace from ModCloth—$24.99
  3. Half Spike Collar Necklace from ASOS—$31.66
  4. Ready for Takeoff Necklace from ModCloth—$17.99
  5. Take Me with Zoo Necklace from ModCloth—$12.99
  6. Orange Watch from ASOS—$26.39
  7. Pink Watch from ASOS—$15.83
  8. Spiked Cuff from ASOS—$14.07
  9. Hello Bracelet from ASOS—$10.55
  10. On Jagged Edge Bangles from Modcloth—$15.99

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