Friday, September 28, 2012

Cooler Than Fezzes

I've finally christened my bow-tie dress. About time, too.
Also, I wore a cardigan because for some peculiar reason, my Italian class is always at Absolute Zero, and I was fairly determined not to freeze today.
Also of note: I spent two hours (two hours!) drawing a paper curl and I wanted to punch it in its nonexistent face, I enjoyed some jalapeno poppers, and Elementary might be one of my new favourite shows. I do love a good Sherlock Holmes adaptation.
Same room, new angle. You may have noticed the missing poster. 
The one Charlie brought down. On my head. At six in the 
morning. He's lucky he's cute.
Dress: eShakti | Cardigan: WalMart

Both pins are vintage heirlooms.

Got this at some little store in Old Town, San Diego.

Icing by Claire's.


Troublemaker and my art box.

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