Friday, September 7, 2012

Purple and Black

First: I've finally seen the new Doctor Who episode, and I'm just so excited to see more of Oswin.
Second: I'm starting a new project. Today.
You see, a couple years ago, I bought this giant palette from Sephora. It was cheap, considering the brand, the quality, and the sheer amount of stuff. But in two years or so of owning it, I've hardly used it. I've finally decided that I'll change that. What better way to, you know, enforce that than to use it (and only it) for a full week? For the next seven consecutive days, I will be using the Sephora kit, various brushes, and my Rimmel mascara. That's only because I'm not going to use two-year-old mascara. Sorry.

Today, I went for some purple and black to match this skirt. What can I say? I like the combination.
I layered purple and black gel eyeliner, dusted a thin layer of purple eyeshadow, and applied slightly iridescent purple lip gloss. Let it be known now, though, that I'm not the best at applying eye makeup, and the lip gloss didn't have the best payoff, but I'm happy with how it all turned out. Hey, maybe my skills will improve! I can only hope.


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