Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Fat Babe Meetup

I can't believe I'm only just now getting to this! Lame, I know. But, I guess, as I forgot to take pictures myself, I've been a bit lazy about putting up some of the photos from the album on Facebook. Hideously enough, I can't remember the name of our sort of (official?) photographer, but that will be rectified the second I do. (Cameron. That's the photographer's name.)
After the Renegade Craft Fair, my compatriot (who was helping me out with LA's public transit (did I tell you that I took a subway and felt irrationally sophisticated? That happened.)) and I headed over to Grand Park and found that there were people already there.
There was talk of purple leg hair, anger and overalls, glitter, and urban exploring, as well as more serious issues pertaining to fat people (like healthcare, stupid clothing companies, and internalising self hate). Long story short, it was fantastic. Now, there's talk of a beach meetup soon, so if you're interested, be sure to check out the Facebook group. It's private, but if you're game to meet up with a bunch of fat babes, a request to join is no big deal. There's also an official tumblr! Oh, we're all over the internet.
(And I'm basically only including pictures that have me in them, because those other faces aren't mine, and next time I'll remember that I have a camera.)

I'll keep you guys up-to-date on the future meetups I'll be attending, so don't feel bad about having missed this one! I don't think they'll all have these stellar pink tables and chairs, but we can all hope.

Only one photo was taken by me, and that's the Fat Babes in LA banner thing. I made the banner altogether, actually, and am quite proud. I can't claim any of the others, though.


  1. Yay, I love this idea! Hopefully y'all will still be having these awesome meetups by the time I move out to LA next summer. ;)

    1. It was so fantastic! There's going to be a beach meetup within the next month or so, which I'm definitely looking forward to. We just have to figure out which beach, as we're all kind of scattered around SoCal.
      And that would be awesome! Are you really gonna move back to California? Cause that would be so totally awesome. :)