Friday, August 30, 2013

Street Style, Again

Once again, I'm filled with this vague idea that I'd like to try my hand at street style photography. I'd actually like to do it around my campus, with an emphasis on red on Wednesdays, which are, I guess, designated as Redout Wednesdays. Red is the school colour, and I liked seeing how people incorporated it on Wednesday.
Of course, there are a few roadblocks to this idea: I still don't know where my camera charger is (my nightstand back in Lancaster?), I can barely talk to people, and what if people just aren't into it?
I guess if I'm still entertaining the thought later and I've located the stupid charger, we'll see what happens!


  1. you'll be fine...find the charger first :) great challenge!!!

    1. Yeah, yeah. Haha. It's not looking good for the charger, but if it doesn't turn up, they're not TOO expensive! But I'm glad that I've got some backing! :)