Sunday, October 27, 2013


I received an email today about the navabi Curvy Blog Award, and my first reaction was guilt. I've been negligent to this blog, and all of the other social platforms I maintain. Posting is still a rare thing, whether it's an outfit picture or a monologue on diet culture. I'm not at all caught up on any of your wonderful blogs, and I haven't been for months.
I was tempted to nominate myself and call it an incentive, but I think I'll try again next year if I return to my better-blogging ways.
As it is, I did put in a nomination.
Dear Sian: good luck.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nautical Nonsense

Hooray, it's another incredibly late Marvelous Monday post! Still not on a Monday! Yeah!
The theme: nautical.
Now, let's be real here: I love everything to do with water. Every single thing. The proudest moment of my life was driving a pontoon boat on Convict Lake in Mammoth. (Which reminds me that I still have a ton of Mammoth pictures to post. Whoops.)
Best day ever.
As such, I'm a sucker for nautical fashion. I've been wearing that striped dress to death lately, and now, you can see it in nautical action. I really ought to have pictures of me in something else one of these days. It's getting a little weird. I'm also incredibly disappointed that I forgot my anchor earrings, but oh well.

Chambray dress: WalMart | Striped dress, red belt: Image | Shoes: Forever 21

Got the Stars in Her Eyes

Following Dreams Sweater

So Modcloth, that wonderful purveyor of really, really adorable things, emailed me recently. It was a simple thing, just asking me to participate in their weekly Polyvore outfit challenge. Being someone who's rarely spent any time on Polyvore and who has never actually made a set before this, I enthusiastically agreed to participate. So basically, I created a cute, Halloween-themed outfit out of the wonderful things Modcloth has to offer. The best part? The skirt and sweater both run up to a 4x, and the tights are plus. That's how I roll, yo. And the starting piece, their Following Dreams Sweater, is just perfect for this time of year. Because, you know, stripes and polka-dots living harmoniously remind us all of that crisp bite of fall.
Anyway, this site is actually a lot of fun! We might all expect to see more sets in the future. Maybe.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, Pablo

It's another super late Marvelous Monday post on a day that's not Monday!
This theme is celebrity-inspired.
Now, I don't live under a rock. As you can tell, I live in a pretty nice dorm with five other people. There are very few rocks even in sight, and I don't live under any of them. Thus, I know abut modern celebrities. More importantly, I know that quite a few of them have some rad style. I don't really care about Taylor Swift's music, but I do care about her closet. Same goes for Kim Kardashian and...whatever she does, and her closet. I don't care, but I'm aware.
All of this is to say that I totally know about modern celebrities, even though I'm channeling Pablo Picasso today. And why wouldn't I? He's one of the most well-known painters in history, he was friends with Jacques Cousteau, and he could do stripes like no one else. I mean, look at this guy:
I just got dressed to get some breakfast at the cafe, but let me tell you, dressing up with one of my favorite artists in mind totally helped make the morning trek a little more bearable.
I promise I wore shoes today. I really did.

Dress (as top): Image | Skirt: mom
Finally, I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month this year! The goal is to write 50,000 words in thirty days in November. Come be my writing buddy if you plan on participating!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Over the Top

So, wow, I am really, really, really behind on Marvelous Mondays. I formally apologize, and offer up this post on a Wednesday. I'm going to do them all this week, and hopefully one day I'll get a shot outside! I think we all fail to understand just how gorgeous my campus is.
The first theme I'm behind on is Over the Top. While I'm occasionally a bit of an obnoxious dresser, I generally tend towards more simplistic looks. I think I'm turning into a minimalist. I wore this obnoxious pattern party with much more low-key accessories. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and it was cold outside! I've been waiting to wear this sweater since I put it away for the summer.

Sweater, collared top, dangly earrings: Forever 21 | Dress (worn underneath): Image | Leggings: WalMart | Boots: Forever | Cuff: Vintage | Headband: Christmas present | Necklace: Claire's | Studs (worn later): Mudd
And my mom sent Halloween decorations in her last care package! While we haven't gotten around to hanging up some of the cooler ones yet, we have started decorating. One of my roommates even brought these cool Olvera Street guys to hang out with some leaves and stuff.
And finally, I wrote a short article about my love of biology and the importance of education for a local environmental group. Maybe go check it out?