Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nautical Nonsense

Hooray, it's another incredibly late Marvelous Monday post! Still not on a Monday! Yeah!
The theme: nautical.
Now, let's be real here: I love everything to do with water. Every single thing. The proudest moment of my life was driving a pontoon boat on Convict Lake in Mammoth. (Which reminds me that I still have a ton of Mammoth pictures to post. Whoops.)
Best day ever.
As such, I'm a sucker for nautical fashion. I've been wearing that striped dress to death lately, and now, you can see it in nautical action. I really ought to have pictures of me in something else one of these days. It's getting a little weird. I'm also incredibly disappointed that I forgot my anchor earrings, but oh well.

Chambray dress: WalMart | Striped dress, red belt: Image | Shoes: Forever 21

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