Saturday, October 26, 2013

Got the Stars in Her Eyes

Following Dreams Sweater

So Modcloth, that wonderful purveyor of really, really adorable things, emailed me recently. It was a simple thing, just asking me to participate in their weekly Polyvore outfit challenge. Being someone who's rarely spent any time on Polyvore and who has never actually made a set before this, I enthusiastically agreed to participate. So basically, I created a cute, Halloween-themed outfit out of the wonderful things Modcloth has to offer. The best part? The skirt and sweater both run up to a 4x, and the tights are plus. That's how I roll, yo. And the starting piece, their Following Dreams Sweater, is just perfect for this time of year. Because, you know, stripes and polka-dots living harmoniously remind us all of that crisp bite of fall.
Anyway, this site is actually a lot of fun! We might all expect to see more sets in the future. Maybe.


  1. The whole outfit is amazing!! That bag is so cute!!

    1. I agree! It's probably my favorite part of the outfit, actually. I'd wear it year round.