Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michael Meyers is Running!

Tonight was the Boolvd. It's this giant carnival on the boulevard here, with (as I'm sure you've noticed) a decidedly Halloween-like spin. Casey and I went (as a Crow Eater and witch, respectively), and brought my niece and her friend (a faerie and The Riddler, respectively) in tow.
We got papusas (except for casey, who had a cow tongue taco) for dinner before really adventuring. After that, though, we wandered down the Boolvd for a bit, watched a Ghostbusters themed dance, and raged at all the people dressed as Slender Man (well, no, just me. Because I am terrible at that game and he's so dumb and I keep dying and I just want to win!).
Then we went through the haunted house in the old Western Hotel. That was a lot of fun, especially since the girls were so scared. Immediately after that, we went through a family-friendly haunted house. It was more cutesy than scary, but fun nonetheless.
Then came the desserts, and then we came home.
All in all, it was a night well spent.
Now I'm off to watch cheesy 1950s horror films.
Man, I love Halloween.
My niece, the most charming faerie.

It's too bad I didn't get a good shot of the infamous platforms. 
They give her a good seven inches. Bare minimum.

Oh, you tough, huh?

Don't wanna come across us in a dark alley. No, sirree...

Sunglasses: Tilly's | Dress: Forever 21 
Necklaces: Claire's, DIY Cuff and bangles: 
Vintage | Boots: Payless

Who you gonna call?


  1. You're commentary is what makes your blog so funny and interesting! Always continue to be yourself!! Love it!