Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saddle Shoes of Death

So it turns out that I'm really bad at posting every day. Or regularly at all. These are things we all learn.
I finally went out and took pictures, though, which I count as a victory. There were people down the street, and they could see me taking pictures of myself with my tripod and everything. But I persevered.
It's a little silly that I haven't taken a picture of this outfit yet, considering how often I wear it and how much I like it. But then, I haven't taken many pictures of outfits at all in the past few months. Sorry about that. I am still on various places on the internet, though! It's amazing how much time a person can spend sleeping, or knitting, or playing Portal. I am perpetually amazed.
How has your year been so far?

Please, someome tell my hair to stop doing what it's doing and
just cooperate.

Top, shoes: Forever 21 | Dress: Old Navy (courtesy of Dani) | Tights: WalMart | Earrings: Sedona | Sunglasses:
And I am so, so, so behind on all of my bog reading. I know how I'm gonna spend the next week! I miss you all dearly, and I need to actually stay caught up on stuff.

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