Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's In Your Purse?

So I should be better at announcing when I'm going on hiatus, but as it happens, I'm really bad at that. Sorry! It's been a long semester, and I still have about a week till I'm done. Soon, though!
I mean, it's the long semester bit, and also a crisis of confidence, but I'm hoping for a good summer. And I have adventures and stuff to keep the world caught up on, because let's be real: this is more of a personal blog than anything, especially while I'm not posting outfit pictures.
Anyway, I was contacted by someone at Credit Card Insider about this campaign they're doing called, as the post has already hinted: What's In Your Purse? And since I'm the furthest thing from a financial mogul, or an anything mogul, I'm just gonna talk about some of the nonsense I keep with me all the time.
 So, here's all the stuff I keep with me everywhere I go, save a pair of sunglasses. Those were still on my head when I took the picture. They're super cute, too.

  • I'm never without a notebook, and this is the one I favor. As I'm sure we all know, I do a lot of writing, and this is my best way of keeping it organized and, you know, existent. Casey got this for me for Christmas a couple years ago.
  • A compact is a great thing to have, especially on days where I actually do The Makeup Thing. This one is from Forever 21.
  • Pens are, of course, vital. This one's cool, cause it also has a touchscreen stylus on the top. My mom get a trillion of them for work, and by extension, so do I.
  • Keys are also necessary, for obvious reasons.
  • And my wallet, which I got for maybe five bucks at Ross. It's one of the brightest things I own, and lots of people like to joke about how there's no way I'd be able to lose it. They would be right.
  • Lipstick/chapstick/so on/so forth of the day. Today, it's Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry Me.
  • And my cell phone, also for obvious reasons.

Oh, and this is the purse I've been using most often! It's from Target, and my mom got it for me for Christmas this last year. It has more pockets than I expected, and more room than logically makes sense.
Okay, okay, back to studying! I have four finals next week, and then I'm free! And I say this a lot, but I do plan on being a lot more present this summer! I haven't been reading blogs or posting or even taking many pictures, and I really, really miss it. Soon!
See you then!


  1. Hope you kill it at finals! This post makes me want to clean out my purse... mine is full of crumpled receipts and gum wrappers, haha!

    1. Thanks, I hope so too! But surely I can do that or something, haha.
      I switch between bags all the time (every time I go somewhere, really, it's absurd), but I do have That One Bag that's full of old receipts and pens. Really a lot of pens.