Monday, July 22, 2013

Bit of an Adventure

I'm lame and didn't take my own pictures of the Fat Babe Meetup (sorry!), but I'll post some of the group's pictures eventually. It was as wonderful as you'd think it would be!
I met up with one of the babes, Clare, at Union Station. While it was nice to just have someone show me how to do the whole LA transit thing (I thought I was good at public transit, and now I know that I was a fool), it was really fun to wander the Renegade Craft Fair with her. I do have a few pictures from that, so enjoy!
More about the Fat Babe Meetup soon, guys. For now, enjoy some silly pictures!
(Also, my Marvelous Monday post will be a little bit late, but it will happen. It's all good.)

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