Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liebster, Again

Yeah, that's right, I'm doing it again. Mainly because Sian tagged me, and I like talking about myself. I'm not even sorry.
So, here are the rules, because there are rules. I guess.

  • Write up eleven (more, ugh) facts about yourself
  • Answer some questions given by the person who tagged/nominated you
  • Tag some folks you're aggressively nosy about
  • Write up eleven questions for them, cackling all the while.
And now, I have to figure out eleven things to tell people about myself that I haven't already told you. I believe in me!
Eleven (More) Facts:
  1. I was always the student reading during class, and I constantly got in trouble over it. Once, though, during my sophomore year in high school, I was reading Jane Eyre in my French class. My teacher was going to tell me to put it away, but instead told me that it was one of her favourite books and to carry on. While I can barely remember anything, I did pass with an A. So, no worries.
  2. I used to drink Diet Cokes like it was water. Now, I can't because it's too fizzy and it's gross. I almost never drink soda now, unless it's something special, like cucumber soda from the Boulevard, or lime Jarritos because lime is the BEST.
  3. I'm a fairly picky eater, but I'm also adventurous. Easily put, I'll eat just about anything as long it doesn't have something I don't like in it. No rice, beans, ham, pineapple, or caramel? All right, I'll give it a go.
  4. On that note, there are quite a foods that I love the taste of but cannot stand the texture. I love guacamole, provided it's super smooth, but I hate the texture of avocado.
  5. Sharks have been my favourite animal since middle school. I recently made my choice a bit more specific in senior year of high school when I read Devil's Teeth, and I love white sharks the best. To the point where I will consistently always want things with sharks on them.
  6. It makes me really uncomfortable to be anywhere without a notebook and pen, or at least a pen, as I'm always scribbling down stupid notes for whatever project I'm working on.
  7. I love fresh plants, but I have a black thumb. I had an African violet for about four months; that is my record. I will still try endlessly, though.
  8. You would be surprised at how many of my Facebook friends are from bands Casey and I have seen over the years. You would not be surprised at how few of them I talk to. I am really pleased to know that I've actually met some burgeoning artists, though, and I might occasionally tease my niece with it when she knows them.
  9. In my AP Government class in high school, I was consistently called a ray of sunshine because of my opinions. Most notably, an opinion talking about unhappy people and a lack of flowers in their lives. No one ever thought I was naive, though, because for the most part, I don't think I really am.
  10. I want to learn about a million skills, including the violin, piano, watercolour, painting in general, carpentry, and songwriting.
  11. I think that the legitimate coolest things in the world are sea urchins, jellyfish, cuttlefish, and (get ready for the obvious here) sharks.
Sian's Questions:
What inspires you most?
I'm inspired by so many things, truth be told. Movies, paintings, music, TV shows... If it's a thing, it'll inspire me. However, what inspires me the most would have to be alpine areas. Especially if there are lakes involved. I don't know what it is about mountainous areas, but they just make me want to do things, like knit or write or draw.
Why did you start your blog?
This is actually the second blog under this name. The first was never really meant to be, though, as I got bored within a couple of months. This, however, seems to have stuck.
I mostly started it because I was really pleased with how my style had evolved, and I'd recently gotten into fashion blogs, so everything sort of fell into place!
What is the most precious thing you own?
My grandpa was in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and he had these little wings that he'd had removed from his uniform and encased in resin. He gave it to my Grammy, and I inherited it from her. My cousin and I had intended to share it, but that never happened, and it's one of the most important things I own.
Remember when I had long hair? Freaky, right?
What is your favourite quote?
"I am not only a thing but also a way of being." Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes.
Do you have any interesting future plans for your blog?
I'd love to build a connection with some brands, especially local, but at the moment I don't have any major plans for this absurd thing. We'll see, though!
You've been given an infinite budget for an evening to entertain. Who do you invite (celebs/dead/fictional/location is no object), what do you serve, what entertainment do you put on and what do you wear?
Prepare for a long answer, because come on. I know I would invite some of my idols: Frida Khalo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, Audrey Hepburn, Gene Wilder, Jim Morrison, the entire crew of MJN Air, John Finnemore (what's that fourth wall?), Marie Curie, Rosalynd Franklin, and whoever invented brownie brittle. There would be more people milling about, but I can't think of anyone else at the moment. Why limit myself here, I've rented out the LA Science Center, there's room for more people, come on. There would be all kinds of finger food, rather than a big ol' fancy dinner, and that would definitely include buffalo burger sliders, jalapeno poppers, lavender and lemon cupcakes, and eclairs. I'd have a band like Balmorhea play, and that would be stellar. And, of course, I'd be wearing this.
Describe your ultimate outfit.
Ooh! Okay, I'm so down. My ultimate outfit includes a white eyelet sundress with thin straps, a slightly corset-y bodice, a sash, and a skirt falling at my knees, with a slightly scalloped hem. Pockets are a must, duh. I'd also throw on white espadrille sandals, my little fawn necklace, a delicate gold ring, light gold bangles, gold and white enamel flower studs, and a little floral headband.
Now, to find a way for this to happen...
What book affected you in the biggest way?
Flowers for Algernon. I refuse to take my intellect for granted, and it helped inspire me to be a better student.
If you could only have three wishes, what would you wish for? (No wishing for more wishes!)
  1. To always have the exact right amount of money when I buy things (no matter what, whether it's a 99-cent breakfast sandwich or a 1.2 million dollar boat).
  2. To have an infinite library.
  3. To be able to find somewhere that feels like home.
Do you have any controversial opinions that would surprise your followers?
I have a couple of controversial opinions, but I don't think they would be all that surprising. I guess my most controversial and surprising opinion is that caramel is honestly completely disgusting.
What's the biggest secret that you're willing to admit here?
I am terrified of spiders, to the point where I can hardly get close enough to kill them. I always feel proud of myself when I do, though. I usually feel a bit bad about killing them, but it's the only way I can actually enter the room they once lived in.

I'd love to see something from Nina, Malene, and L! But it's totally open to anyone!

My questions:
  1. If you were invited to a costume party and you had unlimited funds for said costume, what would it be?
  2. Who is your favourite band or artist and why? Keep in mind that "just because" is totally a valid answer.
  3. If you could afford anything what you want, in whatever size will fit your perfectly, what would be your perfect outfit, and what would it be for? A picnic? A gala? An extremely difficult recon mission?
  4. How has your favourite book affected you?
  5. You're able to take a trip anywhere in the world, for however long as you choose. Where would you go? How long would you stay? How would you get there? Sky's the limit here.
  6. What did you want to be when you grow up? What about now?
  7. How did you get into blogging?
  8. What do you want from your own blog?
  9. What is your least favourite food?
  10. You spend all day breezing through about a season and a half of a show on Netflix. What is that show?
  11. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn about, or learn to do?
Hooray, we're done! Also, happy Fourth of July and all that jazz.


  1. Hooray - I can't wait to get time to answer this! You're so nice.