Saturday, July 27, 2013


So I'm wildly behind on my Marvelous Monday post, mostly because, well, I haven't been feeling particularly inspired lately. When I wear cute outfits, I forget to take photos or the place I do take photos is overrun by kittens, but for the most part, I just spend my time being lazy in my pajamas. I mean, they're cute pajamas, but I'm not going to take pictures in them. That would be silly.
Next week's Marvelous Monday will go better, assuming I remember to ask my companion to take a picture of my outfit.
That's what it is, mostly: having to take pictures. I'm okay with being photographed, of course, but I'm not happy with the way in which I have to go about doing it. I still don't have a tripod, and I have to rely on setting my camera down on stable surfaces that might not yield the best background. The pictures in my bedroom are always taken on my dresser, and I'm tired of it, you know? And I kind of hate asking people to take my picture because it just feels so egocentric and silly. Of course, blogging about what I wear is pretty egocentric, but it's not that bad a thing to be. I just don't like other people thinking it of me. Which is absurd. I know.
I'm on the hunt for a tripod so I can be a reliant self photographer, but I don't have the money to spend on one yet. Soon, though, I hope. I really, really hope. It would be nice. Because my university is gorgeous, and it would be nice to treat you guys to pictures of the same quality with prettier backgrounds.
I also feel a bit inadequate with my point-and-shoot, even though I do love it. It's been through the wringer, I swear (the lens mechanism won't work properly, but the camera itself is fine, so I love it even more), but it still takes decent pictures. But I read through other, good blogs and just feel like I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing because my camera isn't an SLR and I don't have the "necessary" equipment and my room is always a mess and what am I even doing.
Don't worry, we'll return to our regularly scheduled blog thing later. I'm just in a bit of a slump.
As a reward for reading this, have a picture of a kitten!


  1. Don't worry I feel yah, I use only a point and shoot too and I hate having to ask people to take my pictures. But you do what you gotta do and I'm with you in that I wear pajama's a lot! hehe There comfortable! But yeah don't worry I know you will get out of your slump know that your not the only one! I get like that a lot but I get over it because one I don't want to let the other girls from my challenges down and another its the one thing that makes me happy when I blog so I kick my self in the butt to get over it sometimes! Keep your head up, the ones that read your blog don't care they read your blog for a reason. But yeah remember why you started doing it in the first place. Sorry my comment is all over the place! :p


    1. Oh, you've made my day. :) I guess I sort of know that others get into slumps, but it doesn't always click, you know? It's like information that doesn't always process or something along those lines. Anyway, thanks for helping!

  2. I don't have an SLR either, and I sometimes look at really "professional" looking blogs and feel the twangs of disappointment in my own. I try to remember that my success doesn't have to be measured in comparison to other's-- if what I'm doing makes me happy and is worth working towards, then it's a good reason to keep doing it! I personally love your blog and I think your pictures look great. Also, I don't know your financial situation, but I found a cheapie aluminum tripod on ebay for about $20. If your point and shoot has a little screw-type-hole-thingy in the bottom it should be able to fit a generic tripod. :)

    1. "If what I'm doing makes me happy and is worth working towards, then it's a good reason to keep doing it!"
      That is perfect, L! That just made me feel so much better, actually. And I'm on the hunt for a tripod, and hopefully I'll be able to find one I like soon.
      Thanks for your advice, though. :)