Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Ol' Bank Slips

It's Marvelous Monday again! If you're curious about what that is, exactly, then you can go here and find out.
This week's theme: inspired by a song!
I spent nearly the whole week struggling to decide just what song to use, actually. I wanted to go for something by Balmorhea, then by MXPX, and then Sunday rolled around and I hadn't figured it out. Ludo, however, decided to save the day.
My outfit is inspired by their song, "All the Stars in Texas." Mainly, it's inspired by one specific like: tall grass, short dress. Well, hey, I've got one of those!
Plus, the whole denim-on-denim (chambray, really. My shoes are chambray) thing.
All in all, we can thank Ludo for a lot of things, like this super simple outfit.
Dress: mom | Shoes: Payless

Now, let's go find out what the others did. We might even find some new music today! Yeah!


  1. Yay for moms that sew, that is such a cute dress! I think chambray is pretty much denim and it looks good together! :) Oh and I like your theme this week, I think it would be so hard to pick a song though. But I think your came out great! :)


    1. I know, right? Haha. And, yeah, it was very hard to pick a song, but I'm very pleased with the one I picked. I definitely recommend Ludo, all the time, for every reason.

  2. You look fabulous. That dress is amazing! Love the subtle double demin going on. :D

    1. Thanks! I've only just realised how wierd it is not to wear this dress with tights or leggings, but you know, short skirts are forever.