Sunday, June 30, 2013


So, as you likely know, I'm going off to university in August, and I'm going to be staying in a dorm. As such, I've been thinking about decorating and stuff like that, and I decided that, hey, I want to make a banner.
So I did.
The funny bit is that it's in my school colours, and it was completely on accident. I like accidents like that.
Anyway, here's what you need in order to make this:

  • Fabric, in coordinating colours or not. Your call.
  • Scissors
  • A rotary cutter, which isn't necessary, but super useful for cutting your triangles
  • A straight-edge, which will make your life better when cutting those triangles
  • Ribbon or bias tape
  • Fabric marker, or a really soft pencil, or whatever will mark on fabric without lasting forever
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needles
  • Sewing things, which might just include a mom willing to sew everything together while she's sewing anyway.
I totally changed the fabric midway through. Not even sorry.

Start off by cutting 9x7 inch squares. You'll be making a whole bunch. If you're spelling a word like I am, you'll need two flags per letter. Essentially, you're going to want two pieces of fabric per flag. I cut sixteen, life is rough sometimes.
Now, I'm sure there's a better way of cutting triangles, but whatever, this works. Make a mark in the middle on the lower edge, on the narrower side of your fabric.
Also, my nails are watermelons.
Cut from an outer corner into the centre. Do this on each side, and...
BAM, triangle! Now, just do this a million times (or, you know, sixteen).
After drawing out your letters, you're going to embroider them. I did block letters with a backstitch. Check out some good backstitch tutorials here, and here.
This, you don't have to double. You will be embroidering for the next three days, though. Sorry 'bout that.
Then you'll put your flags wrong-side together, using up those million extra bits you've used.
Oooh, sassy.
Sew your penants to the ribbon and you're good. Leave a few inches on each end so you can tie it to things. You're going to sandwich the flags between two pieces of ribbon, unless your ribbon's wide enough. That, I'm sure you can figure out. Then, tie it up and bask in the glow of wonderful that is you.
Also, know that cats don't help in this whole process, but they totally think they do. Ugh, cats.


  1. This is so awesome. I want one! You should like sell them on etsy or something. If you made one that said TOTES AMAZE, I would for sure buy it. Just sayin. :D

    1. Thanks! And if I was the one sewing, I might actually go for selling them. But I will totally make you a TOTES AMAZE banner, Dani. :)

  2. Love this, I really want to try it. :D

    1. Go for it! It was a good busywork project, you know? Big fun. :)

  3. This came out great! I like that the letters are embroidered, it gives it something special. xo

    1. Thanks! I knew I was going to do something stupid with embroidery, and this happened. :)