Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Body Love Conference

Have you seen this post on The Militant Baker yet? If not, listen up: there's going to be a body love conference in Tucson next April, and they need help funding this. We've all got thirty days to help raise $10,000 to get this thing off the ground and happening.
There are all kinds of goodies to get, and actually, if you contribute at least $35, you get a ticket to the conference. I snapped that up pretty quickly, actually. Not only does the event sound awesome, it seems like a real game-changer. Gathering hundreds of people in one place to discuss body positivity would be such a tremendous boost to the movement. We all know that this has been a major fight on the internet, but to have something like this go on in the real world is incredible.
I'm just really enthusiastic (as we all know), and I think the idea behind the conference is amazing. So, even if you can't contribute financially, you should share this all over the place and let everyone know that something awesome is going down next April.


  1. If only Tucson wasn't soooo faaaaar awaaaaay ;)

    1. Yeah, I guess Arizona is a bit far from Europe!