Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Crown of Daisies

So today, I decided to get all kinds of crafty. I've been wanting a flower crown for a while, mostly because it would enable me to feel like I'm frolicking through meadows or something, even when I am very clearly not. I figured I would make something a little easier to pull off than the Ren-Faire-style daisy crown I already have.
Just chillin' with a barbarian. This is from two years ago.
So instead of the wreath, I used a headband. The headband was originally going to be covered (well, not covered) in big spikes, but since I couldn't find any, I decided that flowers should suffice.
Let the floral festivities commence! But first, let's get you all inspired and stuff.
Tavi Gevinson
Lana Del Rey
Courtney of The Glitter Thread.
This guy.

First, gather your supplies. You'll need: all the fake flowers your heart can handle (I got five bunches of daisies and a bunch each of some random filler flowers), a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and a headband. You might also want a floor, because that's the best place to do crafts, and just about anything. True story. I also recommend playing bright, sunny music—that's crucial to the creative process.
Next, behead your flowers.
The carnage!
Now you can start gluing. I put a fair-sized glob directly on the headband and added the flower. I'm pretty sure that the glue will melt the plastic on the end of your flower, but I'm not positive. Better safe than melty, right?
I checked it in a mirror almost constantly. It's the best way to see how it'll look on you, and if it's even. I checked both sides for evenness, but you can be lazy and make only the front symmetrical.
So close! I can taste the finish line!
Now, you should feel like it's looking sparse. You should put it on your head and stick blue flowers into it and feel like Frida Khalo or something. If you don't feel like this, then change your whole life around because you're living it incorrectly.
Question yourself and your taste level. Nix the blue flowers. If you didn't feel those feelings I described above, then you really are living correctly. Sorry about that.
If you have any holes from where you pulled out the blue flowers and globs of hot glue, then add more daisies. Once again, check it out in a mirror to make sure that it's even. Seriously.
Finished at last!
Finally, love your life, and your daisy crown.
You can make this with any flowers you like. Make it super tall, make it tiny, do what you like. Live yo' life.
I hope you enjoyed this project! It was fun for me (even when I was lamenting my terrible hot glue skills), and I'm so stoked to wear this everywhere I go for the rest of my life.

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