Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lust List

You know when you spend a little too much time online, and you get bored of all your favourite sites and you start window-shopping? It's simultaneously one of my favourite and least favourite things to do. I love looking at pretty things, finding cool new shoes or bags, seeing the awesome collections that your favourite sites have to offer...
Anyway, long story short, here are some things I'm listing after right now.

1. Single-hook chain and spike earring from Pixie Market—$148.
2. Class at the Conservatory wedge from ModCloth—$54.99
3. Butterfly print dress from ASOS Curve—$69.08
4. Bananas belt buckle from Domino Dollhouse—$16.98
5. 3 shark teeth necklace from Pixie Market—$125
6. Aztec print skirt with pom-poms from ASOS Curve—$31.81 (on sale!)
7. Cutout back high-low dress from Forever 21—$24.80
8. Wild Wild Wedge from Modcloth—$49.99
9. Electric high-low skirt from Forever 21—$27.80
10. Seduced by Chartreuse vegan purse from Lulus—$46

By the way, that ASOS skirt with the pom-poms? I bought it at, like, four in the morning. Not a proud moment. But it will become one when I have it, because seriously, look how awesome it is. The pom-poms just make it glorious.
So what's on your lust list?

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