Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg-Laying Bunnies?

Happy Easter!
You may or may not care to know this, but I love to celebrate things. I don't care how relevant it is to me, I'm just an enthusiastic person that just so happens to be too lazy to show that too often.
To show my enthusiasm, I made cupcakes.
My fabulously mediocre Peeps cupcakes!
It's actually fantastically simple: Funfetti cake mix and Funfetti frosting. It's whipped vanilla, I think. Add some sprinkles (you know, the sprinkles that come with the frosting, how much effort is expected here?), put a Peep on top, and enjoy!
My mom and brother think I was "chintzy with the frosting", but I thought they turned out wonderfully. They just can't appreciate anything.
Here's hoping that you had the chance to open all your windows and enjoy some flawless spring weather!

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