Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Made a MOOSE-stake!

99.999% of Thursdays belong to Casey and the Boulevard. We wander around, we enjoy the farmer's market, and we make friends with the vendors. Today, it was a little too chilly to do much wandering, so we just went down to AmPm and got snacks and cocoa. Casey, of course, didn't need the extra snacks. She carries candy with her everywhere.
She's wearing vintage Docs, a thrifted leather jacket, and
corduroy jeans that I picked out at a going-out-of-business 
sale. Yeah.
We later played the What's-In-My-Bag game. Since I came from school, I had a ridiculous amount of, you know, things.
The bag is O'Niell, and I got it from Ross. I think. The purplish makeup/pencil bag is from Avon from many, many years ago. My I Love Lucy wallet is from Wal-Mart, also from many years ago. There is my math notebook, my sociology notebook, and my current read (The Return of the Native), in addition to my planner, water bottle, and many schedules. Also, I have a Zune. Yup. That other stuff in the corner is hers.
After chilling in this little alcove and playing the above game and eating our food, we went into one of our favourite antique shops to look around. They have a few different rooms filled with cool stuff, and a little nook with hats and jewelry. I ended up getting two rings for less than five bucks! I'm excited about those.
I'm pretty sure this book is called Morris the Moose. And, if you can't see it, that last line is "I made a MOOSEstake!" The punny is just too much.
I just liked the bin full of toy cars.
I would have posted my outfit, but alas, I was lazy this morning and it was supremely boring.
Anyway, how was your day? Hopefully it wasn't full of rain and wind and general coldness.

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