Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lust List: Celebratory Style

It doesn't matter whether you celebrate any holidays this winter or not. It doesn't matter whether you have a social life or not. These two things are irrelevant in the face of one vitally important fact: you will celebrate this season.
Whether your plan involves celebrating sedately with your friends or partying with your grandma (what?), you really ought to be prepared. And that means having appropriately shiny clothes, jewels, and accessories at your disposal and on your person.

  1. Golden Evening Necklace from Ruche — $12.99
  2. Horse Ring from Lulu's — $12
  3. Evening Lights Peplum Skirt from Ruche — $32.99
  4. Gold Brocade Skater Dress from ASOS Curve — $72.12
  5. Sequined Heart Miniaudiere (in black) from Forever 21 — $21.80
  6. Suede Platforms from ASOS — $96.75
  7. Embellished Collar Top from Evans — $65
  8. Once and Conifer All Dress from Modcloth — $164.99
  9. Gold Metallic T-Straps from Lulu's — $48
  10. Sparkling Paillettes Dress from Forever 21 — $34.80

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