Friday, November 16, 2012

No Snowman Balloons for Us

It's been a long week, which is sort of funny, considering the fact that it was technically a short week. Hooray for bank holidays! Whoo!
Of course, since I had Monday off and Erika ditched classes that day (terrible student), we went to the mall.
I know.
The rest of the week passed as expected, and I discovered that I really, really love working with pastels. They're definitely one of my favorite mediums, up there with ink. It's funny, probably only to me, because I hate working with charcoal because it's so messy. Pastels, however, which are INCREDIBLY messy, are just the best things ever to me.
I know.
We watched a clip from an Italian horror film in Italian (surprise!), and now I'm really disappointed that it's not streaming on Netflix. It's a really campy horror, with a fantastic score. You can find scenes from it on Youtube. It's called Suspiria. Or something very similar.
Today, I went to the mall with Erika and an old friend of ours, Yesenia. I haven't seen Yesenia in a couple of years, and it was really lovely. The trip there was fraught with danger, though, since Erika's car decided to stall or something in the middle of the road. Luckily, she was able to get it back to life and it's working well enough, I suppose. But to top it off, she misplaced something that kind of ruined her night, but we got that problem solved pretty quickly. It was just one of those nights.
And of course, because I have a problem, I spent more money that I should have. But I can justify it because I finally have combat boots and I am happy, okay? Okay.
I'm going to the mall again tomorrow.
I know.
There were too many people in the way of a good penguin 

The Three Choclatiers! No? Okay.

Dress and Jacket: Forever 21 | Tights: WalMart  
Shoes: Payless

Cold hands and darkness make for shaky photos. 

Necklace: DIY | Bangles: vintage | Bracelets: Claire's Ring: Boolvd

Boris Karloff bow: Boolvd. Aww, yeah.

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