Saturday, March 2, 2013

Right Turns

Once again, I went driving and realised that, wow, it had been a while. Not good.
Luckily, I did as I always do: keep driving and remember to do all that stuff drivers have to remember. I was better at the end than I was at the beginning.
Also, I spent a bit of time looking at all of my hair accessories last night, putting away the ones that don't look good or won't work with my hair now, and I've discovered that headbands and pixie cuts are meant to be.
I really need a new pair of tights. These are slowly becoming 
made of holes.

Dress, bangles, necklace: Forever 21 | Top: Ralph Lauren | Tights, headband: WalMart | Sunglasses: Charming Charlie | Beaded bracelet: Haiti thing, I think | Shoes: Vans


  1. Your cat is adorable. Love the shape of that dress, colour is lovely too. :)

    1. Thank you! It was a great find, and I'm having so much fun layering it.
      And Charlie's only two modes are Adorable and Troublesome. Haha.