Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Waiting Game

While looking for inspiration for my pixie cut, I found a lot of comments along the lines of "Oh, I wish I could pull this off! I'm not pretty/thin/whatever enough! Woe is me!" Another common theme was, "I'll go do this once I lose all this weight!"
Okay, look. Self-control is a good thing. Otherwise, society wouldn't function. But come on guys, making excuses is just plain silly.
If you want a pixie cut, or a cute bathing suit, or a pair of jeans, go for it. Why make yourself wait for something you really, really want? Why attach an arbitrary amount of time to it, a hurdle you have to jump before you can reach the finish line and the bikini you've always wanted?
Having a reward system is good, but don't limit yourself! If you want a pixie cut, then go out and do some research and then chop it all off! The only thing stopping you should either be money (I know that feel) or just fear at having short hair. That's all good.
Whether you're skinny, fat, tall, short, purple, whatever, you can pull it off. No matter what it is.
No, go off my friends and cut your hair off like I did it's lonely over here enjoy your life!

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