Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good Coats and Denim Shirts

Pinterest is such a great source of style inspiration. There's a whole bevy of gorgeous outfit photos and items to drool over that you can't quite get from blogs alone. It's amazing!
But it's like subscribing to a bunch of fashion magazines in that it's a double-sided coin. On one side, you can just bask in the inspiration, beautiful and ordinary and any combination of the two. On the other, you're faced with pictures that almost always feature pretty, skinny girls in those pretty clothes you want.
Usually, I'm able to admire the look on whoever's wearing it, think about how it would look on my own fat body, and I'm content. I know that I can pull off nearly everything (except for surplice necklines and deeeeep Vs on swimsuits. I just can't). But I saw this gorgeous look and immediately thought, This would look better on me if I was skinny.
There is no escaping this mode of thought, it seems. You can fill your life with dozens of fantastic fatshion blogs, troll hundreds of sites selling amazing plus size clothes, all of that and still be faced with thoughts like that. You can be confident about your body 99% of the time, but that last percent can be crippling.
I don't dislike skinny people for being better able to pull off the parkas and trenches I don't think I can't pull off—that's ridiculous and counterproductive. I don't even particularly dislike major clothing brands for not selling clothes above, say, a size 14 (or 16, or 18, or 20). I just don't like that there still aren't enough companies who understand that fat girls want great clothes too! I love the many plus size companies whose sites I peruse almost daily. I really love those companies that offer both straight- and plus-size clothes. I really, really love those companies that offer extended sizes. On and on, I can be very enthusiastic about the lot of them.
I dunno, I just really wish that there were more great outfits like this on the internet for fat girls, or that there was more opportunity for great outfits like this.
If you don't follow me on Pinterest, then you don't know that I actually have two separate fashion boards. One devoted strictly to fatshion, the other for style in general. The general one features skinny girls almost exclusively, but that's because of one thing: I don't really like to double pin. So all of the fantastic fat girl fashions go to the other board. I'm torn about it because, on the one hand, I really want to showcase one in its own right, and on the other, I feel like the floor of Forever 21: I offer it all, but not together.
Blah, there is no right way to go about it.

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