Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mall Style

I saw a girl at the mall the other day with style I really admired. Purple lipstick, flawless eyeliner, a jacket I would have sold my soul for—the whole shebang. I feel like there isn't much original style where I live, especially in the plus size community, and I thought it was awesome that her outfit was so freaking cool.
I was tempted to take her picture before realising a couple of things: I can barely talk to people (I did manage to compliment the jacket, though), this blog is not one for street style, and I don't want to do street style.
I like street style, a lot. There are so many interesting people out there dressing in such interesting ways, and I love being able to see it. I've seen some great sites with plus size street style as well (The Manfattan Project is awesome), which just makes my heart go all aflutter.
Some days, I'd really like to try my hand at it, just give local girls with style I admire a bit of a spotlight, but then I decide that, nah, I barely even take pictures of myself anymore.
We'll see where this blog takes me, if anywhere at all.
And that, guys, was a long and drawn-out way of saying that I saw a girl at the mall with a really cool outfit.


  1. I feel the same! I love street style, but I'm sure I would be so awkward about it. In my area I'd probably get punched in the face too, haha!

    1. I would just be unbearably awkward about it. Haha.