Friday, April 5, 2013

Lust List: Adventure Gear

I'm overly excited about going to Sedona next month, and so is my mom. Well, mostly, she's excited about maxi dresses. I, however, just want a bunch of sundresses and boots with good traction and backpacks. That's my ideal adventure gear. I mean, I wore a dress in Yellowstone. Skirts don't alter my Girl Scout abilities.
Don't worry, though, I also plan on sneakers and shorts and tee-shirts. And that cool coral tee with the studs? I may just try my hand at DIYing that.
Truth be told, though? I probably won't get much of a chance at hiking or anything, but I'm excited nonetheless. I've been to Arizona, but never to Sedona. I hear it's really cool, though.
I dunno, I think I'm just getting a bit stir-crazy.

  1. Blue Floral Skater Dress from ASOS Curve—$63.18
  2. Studded tank (in coral) from ASOS Curve—$29.93
  3. Floral High-Low dress from Forever 21—$27.80
  4. Points of Interest Necklace from Lulu's—$15
  5. Solar Flare Necklace from Lulu's—$17
  6. Millie Polka-Dot Backpack from Ruche—$65.99
  7. Metallic Heel Booties from Forever 21—$32.80
  8. Fun Time Sandals from ASOS—$58.19
  9. Polka-Dot Chambray Dress from eShakti—$59.95
  10. Lemongrass Lace Crossbody Bag from Plasticland—$78


  1. Adventuring in sundresses sounds amazing to me! Love the first dress and whole second picture, I bet that top would be easy to diy.

    I've seen Sedona on tv shows, its supposed to be some new age/spiritual hot spot. It also looked like unimaginably beautiful, so I am very jealous and I hope you take pictures. :)

    1. That might end up being my summer go-to. I'm very okay with it, haha.
      And don't worry, there will be plenty of photos! I've heard that it's gorgeous, and a really arty community (in addition to the new age stuff), so I'm stoked!