Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leopard Lady

Let's start this post off with an outfit.

Shirt: Sure Clothing | Necklace: vintage | Bangles: Forever 21 | Skirt: Forever 21 | Orange bracelet: Casey | Shoes: Payless | Sunglasses: Tilly's
Also: I clearly have a thing for Wet 'n' Wild makeup, since both my lipstick and my eyeliner are from them, not that you can see my eyeliner. It's purple. But you know, I do love their lipstick. I have, like, five different shades.
You'll notice that my room is still messy. I'll probably be that way till next Friday. I've been pretty busy lately, studying, doing homework, writing, taking buses and trains everywhere, and watching Doctor Who. This semester can't end soon enough.
So next month will see a couple of awesome things. First and foremost: Casey and I are going to Carpinteria for a few days, and my level of joy is beyond containing. Second: I'm joining in the 30x30 Remix. Go check out DIY Fatshion and Animated Cardigan for more information. It's pretty simple, though. You pick thirty items of clothing and remix them every day of the month. It's an awesome way to look at your clothes more creatively. I know I fall into that rut where I wear the same outfits every week. Well, with some variation. Anyway, I'm going to be posting daily, or as close as I can get to it. It'll be like Fa(t)shion February, except in June, and more closet-oriented.
Welp, that's it. I'm off to figure out my thirty items, and watch the rest of season four. Enjoy your Friday! Oh, and let me know in the comments if you're planning on participating in 30x30, too!

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  1. I love your leopard skirt!!! :) just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway right now. Please check it out. Thanks!