Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wild Green Yonder

I've been hearing a lot about green smoothies, and I decided to give it a try. I need to get more vegetables in my life, too, so it's a bonus. So I stocked up some supplies and made a smoothie for lunch.
Yeah, that's right.
No, but seriously, guys, it's pretty filling, so it's basically lunch in a jar. Or cup. Or pitcher (I don't judge).

Let's get started, shall we?

You'll need/want spinach (of the baby or adult variety), frozen strawberries (they work flawlessly instead of ice), a banana, orange juice, some oats, some real strawberries (because why not?), and some pre-shredded carrots. I didn't measure very precisely. Or at all. Just eyeball everything to your tastes. You might like more strawberries than others, you might like more orange juice, it's all good. Live your life.
Put everything in your blender. I suggest putting the spinach in first because it just makes life a little better. Don't ask me how or why.
Those are carrots. There is no cheese involved.
BLEND THAT STUFF. Also, entertain your youngest niece and nephew as they watch the blender do its business.
Be aware that it won't be a pretty colour. It will be disappointing, and it will bring you to chuck a few more strawberries in, even though it tastes fantastic. This will just make it taste even more fantastic, even if it doesn't change the colour very much.
Once everything is as smooth as you want it to be, then pour it into cups or jars or pitchers or whatever.
Banana Seal of Approval
Drink up and get yo' veggies on!
Seriously, though, it's not the prettiest colour ever, even if it is wildly delicious.
Beautiful tastes in ugly packages.
For the record, guys, I know these aren't the best photos ever. I'm trying to hide the fact that my hair's a sweaty mess, and I clearly have problems with shaky hands. Oh, well, thug life.
Also for the record: I'd probably add some yogurt next time I have it on hand to make it a complete meal in a jar. Protein is good for you, guys.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your green (or weirdly-coloured) smoothies and trick the children in your life to get their veggies on, just like you.

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