Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lust List: Au Naturel

I've been craving summer lately. Summer means that I have more time to do things that aren't school related, and that I can go wherever I can afford to go. If everything goes according to plan, then I'll be going hiking, and paying visits to museums, and just having an awesome time. Most of my daydreams have been focused on hiking lately, so I think this list kind of reflects that. I don't mean that it would be a good call to wear anything on this list while hiking (okay, maybe the backpack), but that it's inspired by nature.
Whatever, I just like clothes and shoes and bags—oh, my!

1. Daisy cutout back dress from Forever 21—$24.80

2. Lace & chiffon top from Forever 21—$19.80
3. Bug buckle waist belt from ASOS Curve—$26.09
4. Flamingo print backpack from Lulus—$59.50
5. Eagle cuff from Lulus—$61
6. Raffia basket weave wedges from Lulus—$26
7. Dress with contrast cutwork hem from ASOS Curve—$139.16
8. Double layer midi skirt from ASOS curve—$60.88
9. In flight necklace from Cuffs—$75
10. Lace collar necklace from Calico—$18

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