Sunday, May 27, 2012

Silver-Ish Lining

True story: I love nail polish.
Also a true story: I have a lot of it. But not nearly enough. It would be getting to a ridiculous point if I wasn't totally okay with it.
Tonight, I decided that I was going to do something fairly interesting with my nails, rather than just leave them one colour. My plan changed about three different times. I'm happy with the end result.
What you'll need: a base coat (or a base/top coat, or whatever you have), sky blue polish (or any colour, but just go with me on this), paper reinforcers (which will be nixed halfway through because of reasons), white polish (also nixed), silvery-blue polish, clear polish (or something to use as a top coat), polish remover, and something to remove the polish with.
Basically, it's just a bunch of normal nail-painting things, with the addition of an extra colour. I like making things seem more complicated than they are.

Materials 1.0
Paint your nails with the base coat and let it dry. This is probably pretty simple and common knowledge, actually, so yeah. Anyway, after that, paint your nails with the blue polish and let it dry. This one you really do want to let it dry. It sucks because it takes forever, but make it suck less and watch Doctor Who while you wait.
Once it's all dry, put a reinforcement sticker on it, leaving the last third or so bare. You're planning on a French manicure. Decide against the white, and go for the silver instead, since it'll look cooler for some unknown reason. Paint that little edge silver and take off the sticker before that dries. Realize that you didn't do a very good job of waiting, because the blue is coming up, because you didn't let it dry. Decide against using the stickers. Freehand everything and change your plan.
Here, you should decide to paint half of your nail with the silver instead. Tell yourself that it's cooler anyway.
Oooh, yeah.
Apply the top coat, clean up your nails, and revel in your cool nails.
What I've learned is that I'm not terribly good at nail art (sorry, guys), and that I'm too impatient. Maybe next time I'll go with my original plan and actually let everything dry.
Or not.
We'll find out.
Anyway, go paint your nails like a cool kid and celebrate Memorial Day in style. And by style, I mean air conditioning, or a pool.

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