Friday, June 1, 2012

Let the festivities commence...later.

Okay, so 30x30 officially starts this afternoon(for me, at least). I may or may not do a master post with pictures of all my pieces, depending on how heinously lazy I am, but there will be a list at some point, at the very least.
I do have one written down, though, waiting for me to check things off. That's right, I'm basically forcing myself to wear every one of those thirty pieces. I did try to get a good, versatile mix with some basics (tan shorts, black shorts, black skirts, black-and-white dresses), while keeping to the things that I either never wear (awesome starry shirt that I keep forgetting about, sequined skirt, what have you), or things that will not roast me alive. I live in the desert, and it can sometimes hit the 110° mark (or just past it if the weather really wants to ruin our lives), so I have to think practically. Ish.
I'm also going to push myself a little further by making at least two hair/makeup posts a week. Not necessarily a tutorial (cause, let's face it, I'm helpless with beautification), but just something to make me look more interesting, or like a person. Either way. In the summer, I rarely leave my room except to go swimming, so I think it'll be good to dress up every day and wear some fun makeup and struggle to make my hair do something.
Anyway, to keep you content, have some pictures I took while on an adventure with Casey this afternoon.
I'm not sure what this is here for, but it was lovely. The shade,
the pond, the lighthouse...thing. I dig it.

Turtle, turtle!

See you, well, tomorrow!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you'll be joining us! Should be a good time for all. :D