Saturday, June 16, 2012


Surprise! Outfit post!

Jacket: Fashion Bug | Brooch: vintage | Top: thrifted | Skirt: mom's | Shoes: Payless 
I thought I'd look spiffy for this project I've got to do. I have to film a scene from A Doll's House for my English class, and let me tell you, I am less than enthused. My closet, on the other hand, is clearly thrilled. So are these shoes. I never wear them. I really ought to wear them more often, though, because I'm kind of in love with them. Also, it's June, and I live in the desert. The jacket lasted a whole minute before I started melting. Silly me, wearing jackets in the summer. It's like I'm begging for a heat stroke.
Also, this is my not-so-winning attempt at a Gibson tuck. I really need to practice it. Or not, actually—I'm kind of digging it.
Well, now I'm off to do this project and eagerly await being on the road. Tomorrow is so far away!


  1. Ugh, I was one of the characters in a scene from Three Sisters in high school. Never again. I really like your outfit though! Break out the shoes more often, they're pretty cool!

  2. I did find out that I am terrible at acting. Well, memorizing. But it was fun, at least! And, yeah, I really need to wear them more often. I'm not one for heels, but I love them!