Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm home!

I already miss Carpinteria. I fully intend to live there one day. That place is fantastic.
So today, you get to get caught up on my 30x30 adventures, and some travel adventures! Yeah!
Casey's parents drove us up on Sunday and stayed for the afternoon. We had good food at Tony's (they have the best ranch dressing in the history of the stuff, and pretty good fish & chips), checked out the Whimsy store on 7th Street, and took pictures of the hotel. The walls were orange and everything was all modern and I really like hotels, guys. Even if it was a Motel 6.
Monday: we walked to IHOP, hiked through a forest (using a bike path, so it wasn't a hike. At all. I don't care), and found a park. I also ended up buying lipstick and nail polish. That is why people don't leave me alone! My mom drove up around two and then we chilled at the hotel for a long while. That was our beach day. We swam out pretty far and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" and got hypothermia. That's always fun. We had the Spot for dinner (home of some stupendous burgers, you know), and Casey and I played with snails for a while. They even had names!
Tuesday: We went to the Worker Bee Cafe for a really awesome breakfast, checked out some antique stores (they have good ones there), and got Starbucks on Linden. I got Warheads and rock candy from Robitaille's, to sate my sweet tooth. I got sixteen books (for sixteen bucks! I love you, Friends of the Library!) and even got to spend a bit of time thrifting. That wasn't particularly fruitful, but I know that store exists. After spending some time back at the hotel (mostly on the internet. Livin' the big life), we went back to the beach to look for rocks and shells. Dinner that night was Mexican at Rudy's, and awesome.
Wednesday: breakfast burritos at The Spot, and coming home. It was all very, very sad. Also, this was today. Surprise! (it was for me.)
Now: Pictures!

Claire's bag (the straw one) and an orange wall.

This dress, these shoes.

Forever 21 top, Torrid shorts, Claire's bag.

All vintage jewelry.

Payless sandals.

George the Rolly Poly!

Lamest. Playground. Ever.

Our view, sorta.

Mature, responsible adult with a pirate shark towel.

Forever 21 bangles and skirt, Lane Bryant tee.

Tilly's sunglasses, best friend shot.

"Root system, cool!" I'm such a nerd. Also, those aren't even
roots. That's not a plant.

Today's look: Forever 21 dress.

Guess what I'm doing this summer!
It's okay to be home, I guess, but I'm counting the days till I can be back! Let me tell you, that's quite the feat when I don't even know when that'll be. Oh, well. Naptime!

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