Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heidi's Cooler Cousin

Okay, so I promised a hair tutorial. Well, here it is.
Let me just say that I fully believe in easy, no-fuss, quick, somehow cute hairstyles. They're my favourites. When my hair's up, I basically switch between this, a bun, and a ponytail.
I used Erika's hair for this one. It's super curly, and it looks pretty cute. I have thin, super-straight hair, and I think it looks pretty cute. (Look here and here for visual proof). So, without further ado: some super easy maiden braids. Note that when I say easy, I mean it—I've done it on buses and trains without mirrors. So read, learn, and go for it.

You'll need bobby pins (for sure), little elastics (I rarely use them, though), and/or little barrettes (I like these. I got a set from the dollar store).
First and foremost, your workspace should look like this:
Okay then. You'll start out by separating your hair into two parts, as though you were going to put them into pigtails. Braid those parts to the ends. You can do a traditional braid, a fishtail braid, a rope braid, whatever. Just get those suckers lookin' fancy.
You can even pose a little, like Erika. It's your mirror, I don't judge.
Next (and this is the hardest part), bring the braids on top of your head and pin until you're sure they won't fall off. You'll want to try and conceal the ends, which makes it a little difficult. You can do it, though! If I can, then I am absolutely certain that you can.
Finally, admire your handiwork. If you feel particularly insecure (sorry), you can probably hit it with some hairspray. I don't know. I've never done that.
Now, you can feel secure in your looks and level of charm. It's pretty high, because come on, maiden braids are adorable. So go forth, my friends, and be adorable, or something along those lines.
Also: I might end up doing another tutorial with a (very, very, very) similar look, just so you can see how I do it on a normal basis. You need to know just how absurdly easy this style is and why it's my favourite.

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