Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hearts On My Sleeve

The internet has told me one thing and one thing only today: I am clearly not American enough for the Superbowl. Not only did I have no idea it was today (to be fair, I barely even knew today was Sunday), but I didn't even know which teams were playing. A quick scroll through Twitter told me everything I didn't need to know, though, so I can go on pretending that I care.
Just kidding.
I don't. (Sorry.)
Anyway, I'm still sick. Luckily, I think I'm finally on the mend, but I still felt like I needed a bit of cheering up. And thus I found myself in the most fantastic sweater anyone's ever owned, ever. It's so soft, and I want to live in it.
Most of my day has been spent writing, listening to "Miracle Mile" on loop, writing, and napping with Jerry the Buffalo because Charlie clearly wants nothing to do with me.

Sweater: Forever 21 | Skirt: mom | Flats: Payless | Buffalo: best ever (also, Yellowstone)
The best time to wear a striped heart sweater
is all the time.


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better really soon!

    For some reason even people here in Denmark talk about that football-stuff all the time. They stay up all night to watch it live! Now what's that about? That's craaaaazy. So glad any of my neighbours didn't host a superbowl party. I would have gone mad.

    1. Thanks. :)
      And wow, that is really funny! I had no idea it was a thing anywhere but, well, here!

    2. Well, it is. For some people. It seems like it's getting bigger every single time. Like the election for the American president. People go crazy about that here too.

      The football thing is like... Well, it's all over the news and our morning shows talk about it too - and talk about what kind of American food you should serve to your superbowl party. Stuff like that. And people take sides, say they're fans of a particular team. Maybe they are.. What do I know. To me it's just silly to pick sides when the side you pick is sooooo far away. At least when it comes to football. The president thing is another talk. ;)

    3. That's true. I guess I'm neither American enough nor Danish enough for football! Haha.