Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life Laughs with Flowers

Today, I dressed for spring.
Well, in all actuality, I dressed like I did because I wish spring was here.
And if we're being really honest? I was inspired by the following song and its accompanying music video:
All I did was go grocery shopping with my mom. While I think it's ridiculous that everyone has Easter stuff out already (it's February still, guys), I sort of love it. It feels like spring is just around the corner, and I always look forward to it. The trees all bloom, and everything in my neighbourhood smells like cherry blossoms. The world almost has a green tint to it, and everything just feels hopeful. And while I love dressing for colder seasons, spring is, has been, and always will be my favourite season.
Anyway, have some clothes and stuff.

Yep, bonus face shot. But don't worry, it's all for the sunglasses.
Dress, sweater, necklace, bangle: Forever 21 | Hair flower: made by Casey's mom | Ring: Icing | Bag: MulberryxTarget | Shoes: Payless | Sunglasses: Claire's
So am I the only one who gets super excited for spring every year? It's cool if I am.

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