Monday, February 4, 2013

Orange Juice Adventure

I call it that. It was really me and my mom going to WalMart for, well, orange juice and stuff.
Top: Forever 21 | Sweater: thrifted | Skirt: ASOS Curve | Flats: Payless
Also, do you guys remember the goals I posted earlier this year? Well, my Goal No. 4 was to finish my Big Project. I've kind of kept it a secret this whole time. Before yesterday/today at two in the morning, only about four people knew it existed.
Well, if you acknowledge me on almost any social platform, you will know that I (please excuse the excessive caps to follow) WROTE AND FINISHED AN ENTIRE NOVEL. A WHOLE 79,000 WORD NOVEL. THAT HAPPENED, I DID THAT, I AM STILL FREAKING OUT.
Yep, my Big Project was a novel.
That I finished.
I'm starting the editing tonight, and I'm still just going to freak out that it happened.
The worst part is that people are now asking what it's about. Obviously, I know what it's about. I can tell you the moral of the story, carry on and on about why some characters have the names they do, explain where I think everything takes place, and all of that. No problem. I can write a whole book. One thing I can't do? Summarize a book. Whether I've written (!) it or read it, I just can't. I always think it sounds stupid when I explain it, so I always say stuff like "Just read the back!" or "I promise it's so much better than all that!"
Definitely something to work on.
So, yeah.
That happened.
Carry on.


  1. I don't think I could ever write a novel. I can do long papers for school and stuff. But an entire novel? Dreamed about doing it, when I was a child though.

    I really think you should at least write the back, so we can read it. ;) I would like to know what it's about.

    1. I've been writing since I was a kid, and I've started a million projects. This is the first I've actually finished. And I actually discovered that it's easy to knock out 2000 words when writing creatively like this than writing an essay. Haha.
      And I'm definitely going to be working on that! That will be the trickiest part for me! I'll be sure to post my summary when I have it.

  2. WHOA!! You are amazing! I could never ever ever write a novel. SO GO YOU! But of course, now you'll have to tell us what it's about. I'm curious as to what sort of awesomeness lies within the pages, yo. :D

    1. Thanks. :) And the second I figure out what that summary is, or at least some version of it that I don't hate immensely, I will post here immediately!

  3. A whole freaking novel? Jesus Christ on a bike, that's amazing! Well done, you. :)

    1. *preens from all this praise like an especially vain bird*
      Thank you. :)
      Also, that might be one of my favourite phrases, and I'm so disappointed in myself for never using it.