Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals and Whatnot

I'm not really a resolution-y person, because I know that they basically fall apart immediately. I make them too big, too drastic, too quickly, and they're never things I actually enjoy.
So this year, I'm just going to share a couple of goals and, I dunno, ideals with you guys. I thought you might enjoy that. And if you don't, well... Okay.

  1. Finally get my driver's license. I got my permit, and it doesn't expire until July. I need to get some more driving in and then I can finally be an actual driver and a real grown-up (or something).
  2. Get a job, or do something that makes money. I don't particularly want a real job in retail or whatever. Ideally, I'd be able to write and earn money for that, but I'd take what I could get, honestly. I am so tired of being broke. Ugh.
  3. Transfer. If I do transfer to Maine, that'll be around August. If I go somewhere in California, it won't be this year, unfortunately. So this one might not be as easy to accomplish (hideously enough).
  4. Finish my Big Project. I've been working on it for a couple of years now, but I've been really inspired in the last few months and have been working with it more closely than ever. It's a silly thing to mention so vaguely right now, but it's my baby, I guess, and I want to wait. (Sorry).
  5. Donate/rid myself of things that I simply don't wear. I've gotten more and more clothes this past year that I actually wear and enjoy, but now my closet is choked with things that I don't wear. This'll be the year that sees those things leave my closet (finally).
  6. Travel more. This one is the most difficult of all, since I don't have much money to spend on things like this. Nor do I have a car. Or a license to drive one. But I just really want to spend some time somewhere else, I guess. I'm habitually under the influence of wanderlust, and I'd like to indulge in it a bit this year.
  7. Do more projects and post about them. Even if I'm not the craftiest creature in the herd, or if I'm not the best at nail art, or whatever, I really like doing projects. So I should do more, right? Right. Easy enough.
So, yeah. My goals, and little bits of what's going on in my life.
What are your goals, if you have any?


  1. Good luck and good health for 2013. I'm excited by the mention of The Big Project and I don't even know what it is. You've got some great resolutions.

    1. Thanks, and you too! :)
      I feel silly for talking about it in such vague terms (hey, look, I have this thing, but it's a secret, so ignore it, but don't, kay?) but I've been talking the ear off of everyone within earshot about it, and that sort of made it click how big a deal the project is to me. But I'm glad that you're excited, so am I! Haha.