Friday, January 4, 2013

Thirty Days of Music

The lovely Sian of Sort Life Out; Buy Milk is doing this challenge, and I was inspired.
I love music, I really do. Live, recorded, it doesn't matter. I am very invested in my town's music scene, though not as much as I used to be (which sucks, but life gets in the way). It's a diverse pot of noise, and even though there are some genres I don't care for, I like almost all of them live.
Long story short, I'm joining in this challenge too. I know, I know, two thirty-day challenges at once! Madness!
That's just how I roll.
Anyway, the first song on the list is an easy, obvious one: my favourite song.
For years, I had another song at the top of the ranks, but once Cold War Kids came out with Mine is Yours, every song ever pales in comparison to me.
"Out of the Wilderness" by Cold War Kids.
Welp, that's Day One sorted.
Okay then.


  1. Yay, you're doing the music challenge! Looking forward to your answers. :)

    Had a proper little dance to that song, love it. Heard of the Cold War Kids before, but I don't think I'd heard any of their songs properly. But that was gorgeous, so I'm off to youtube them a bit.

    1. They're my absolute favourite band. Their first album (Robbers and Cowards) is flawless. I definitely recommend that you listen to "Hospital Beds."

    2. Just listened to Hospital Beds, I am sold, buying this album now. Amazing.