Friday, January 25, 2013

Musical Catch-Up

I'm way behind. Let's make this quick, kay?
Day 19: A song off my favourite album. I chose "Bulldozer" by Cold War Kids, off Mine is Yours.
Day 20: A song I listen to when I'm angry. "Be Calm" by fun.
Day 21: A song I listen to when I'm happy. I'm not sure, I listen to a lot of generally cheerful stuff. So, uh, I'll just pick a song I like. "Lalita" by The Love Language.
Day 22: A song I listen to when I'm sad. If you're in a drizzly mood, go listen to "Generator" by The Holloways. This is honestly one of the sweetest, happiest, cheeriest songs in the universe, I swear.

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