Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I wore clothes while going on a short little jaunt into the world. That jaunt would be WalMart.
Also, this dress gives me hardcore VBO, but that's okay, because it's still perfect. Even if you can't see the flawlessness under the coat. I am so tired of this cold snap.
30x30 Items:
Dress: Avon
Other stuff:
Coat: Ross | Flats: Ross | Messy room: kids and cat combined
And today's musical task is a guilty pleasure. I guess this one would be it since I don't really listen to pop, and I guess I cultivate the image of someone who, well, doesn't listen to pop. But sometimes, you have to. Of course, most of my love for this song is due to the fact that I love Ingrid Michaelson, but that is irrelevant.
And, while this isn't directly related to, well, anything, I thought I'd share the new Cold War Kids single. I want it to be my theme song.

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